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No Lender Fees… Ever.

We believe in lending without surprises. Our mortgage process fosters full transparency, no lender fees, less documentation, & most importantly - clear communication.

No Fees

No underwriting fees, no processing fees, & no junk fees!

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Check Status 24/7

People when you want them; Website when you don't.

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Refinancing Tools

Lower payments, consolidate debt or cash out equity.

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No Lender Fees

Welcome to the no-fee mortgage. We are proud to offer $0 on all potential lender fees. That means no origination fees, no processing fees, no underwriting fees, and certainly no junk-hidden fees. You still have to pay for any 3rd party fees that we don’t control (such as the title, appraisal, etc…).

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No Fees Mortgage Clear
No Fees Clear Mortgage
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Check Loan Status 24/7

Our Online Pre-Qualification Tool helps you understand how much home you could afford with Conventional or FHA financing and provides you an instant pre-qualification letter to make offers with confidence. You can upload documents, and view the status of your loan 24/7. People when you want them; Website when you don’t.

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Refinancing Tools

A lower interest rate can substantially reduce your monthly obligation towards your mortgage payment. A small reduction in your interest rate will yield thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the loan. If you originally financed your home with less than 20% of a down payment, you likely have mortgage insurance you are paying in addition to principal and interest. Refinancing now that you have more equity can remove that additional cost and reduce your monthly payment.

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